Goin - Gain with each coin
Goin is a cutting-edge solution designed to help Millennials around the world save and invest money easily.

Download Goin now for free and join our methods to achieve your saving goals. We are aware that saving is really difficult, that is why we substitute willpower with automation that guarantees you achieve 100% of your goals. The app Goin is piggy bank that allows you increase your savings effortlessly thanks to our innovative saving methods. Additionally, if you want to boost your finance, even more, you can use our investing methods: easy, simple and safe.


It’s simple:

1. Set a saving goal: a trip, new phone, a bike…
2. Connect your bank account and credit card. (the data is protected and encrypted at all time)
3. Choose the saving and investing methods that best adapt to your lifestyle.

¡Done! Save all the money you need to achieve your goals.

And if for some reason you decide to quit, you can withdraw your saving anytime without any cost.


Learn about our innovative saving and investing methods.


To achieve your dreams: a new super cool tech item, a Scooter, a trip to paradise.. Save automatically with our 6 saving methods:

+Round Up: save every time you shop. We round up the price of your payments so you can save without noticing.

+Retention: save with every money income you get. We add a percentage of your incomes to your savings account.

+Auto Top Up: save regularly. Add a fixed amount to your savings account daily, weekly or monthly.

+Habits: save with your habits. Waking up on time, tweeting… (SOON AVAILABLE!)

+Smart Saving: save with Artificial Intelligence. (SOON AVAILABLE!)

+Tips: save with help!, get tips from your friends. (SOON AVAILABLE!)


Invest your savings automatically, safely in the simplest way. Choose the amount you would like to invest, the risk rate and we will do the rest.

+Crowdlending: short-term investments in PYMES, with low risk and without complications.

+Cryptos: invest easily and in real-time in crypto currencies from only 10€. (SOON AVAILABLE!)


The average profit rate of a Goiner that has an investing method activated is 7,3% TAE.
An average of 723€ is saved by a user user in a year.

Connecting your bank account and bank card you will be ready to start saving.
Achieve 100% of your goals.
Save according to your lifestyle.
Invest in only 3 clicks.

We comply all the European financial regulations and are regulated by Bank of Spain.
We encrypt all the user data with AES 256 encrypt, that ensures that the information is safe at all time.


We have a restricted access to our services, to use Goin get an invitation code through a friend that uses Goin or our social media.

Start saving smartly to achieve your goals.